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The aim of Parent Portal's features is to enrich the experience of parents and facilitate their interaction with you. By providing them with a mobile application instead of a website, your business remains accessible to them at all times, which means it stays within their reach, as well as yours.

Parent Portal Features

Parent Portal Features

Parent Portal Features
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Welcome To Parent Portal

Welcome To Parent Portal

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Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

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Parent Newsfeed

Parent Newsfeed

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Parent Newsfeed

Keep your parents engaged and communicating in your portal.  When users perform an interactive action (i.e. liking a post, commenting on a post), other parents will get an automated SMARTPush™ notification.



Keep your parents "in-the-know" in real time with Announcements. Each time you post on the announcement board your parents will receive an automated SMARTPush™ notification. Plus who doesn't love all the cool GIF's you can use!


Events Calendar

Enable your parents to access upcoming events and important due dates right at their fingertips by linking your Google calendar.

Staff Directory

Incorporate directory-style details about the teachers and staff in your organization, complete with pictures, contact information, biographies, and videos.

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Video Channel

Offer a variety of videos to provide your parents with insights into their child's learning experience, strategies for reinforcing learning at home, and helpful tips for supporting their child's overall well-being.

Location Mark

Multiple Location Finder*

If you have multiple locations or are part of a collective of locations, it is recommended to list them all here. This way, parents can be informed of all their options, which can foster loyalty and referrals.

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You can avoid the expenses associated with trial and error by involving parents in the decision-making process for new systems or ideas. Encourage them to participate by voting on proposals or suggesting their own ideas. Other parents can also contribute by voting or sharing their thoughts through comments.


Private Messaging

Our private messaging feature enables parents and staff members to communicate with each other in a confidential manner. It can be used to discuss personal matters related to the child, or for parents to coordinate events and playdates with each other.


Emergency Notifications

Update your parents in real time in times of emergencies. This emergency notification board allows parents to not miss immediate important information when they miss phone calls or emails from you. 


External Forms*

Link to external forms, web pages and documents for your parents to easily access.  You can link PDF files, Google Docs, and JotForms. 

Team Building

Staff Board

Centralize your staff announcements in one location to ensure that they are not missed, eliminating the need for multiple emails.


Party Invites*

By allowing parents to post their party invitations in a centralized location, you help the parent save on the expenses associated with printed flyers and reduce the likelihood of them getting lost before they reach other parents. This will not only promote convenience but also enhance the sense of community within your organization.



Let your parents and staff express themselves with a library of of GIFs and Emoji's. Say "good-bye" to boring messages!


Schedule Meetings

With our scheduling feature, you can bid farewell to the hassle of coordinating meeting times via email or phone tag. Instead, schedule meetings with parents conveniently through your portal.

* = Parent Portal Exclusive Features

Benefits and Value that can't compare.

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