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Our Features

All of Parent Portal's features are designed to enhance your parents experience and your interaction with them. Giving your parents access to a mobile application versus a website always keeps your business in their pockets (and yours too!). 

Parent Connection Board

Keep your parents engaged and communicating in your portal. This board allows parents to follow other parents and see public posts from followed parents in a single feed. When users perform an interactive action (i.e. liking a post, commenting on a post), other users in that group will even get an automated SMARTPush™ notification.



Keep your parents "in-the-know" in real time with Announcements. Each time you post on the announcement board your parents will receive an automated SMARTPush™ notification. Each communication board allows for unlimited photos and videos. Plus who doesn't love all the cool GIF's you can use!


Events Calendar

Link your Google calendar so your parents can keep track of upcoming events at their fingertips.  


Include directory-like information about the teachers and staff within your organization with pictures, contact info, bios, and videos.

Bright blue old school video camera

Video Channel

Sync your YouTube channel feed or a single stream video to give your parents a fresh viewing experience. When you upload new videos, they'll automatically be pulled into your portal.

Location Mark

Multiple Location Finder*

This is an amazing feature for showcasing multiple, categorized locations or points of interest. Your parents can view locations in a list or map view and filter based on the categories and include pictures, contact information, instant directions, and even images and videos.

Social Marketing Icon


Eliminate the cost of trial and error; engage your parents in voting on new products, services, or feature options before launching. The vote feature will help you evaluate initiatives at conception. The vote count among options will measure the popularity of each option and the commenting feature will collect votes on opinions and new possibilities to crystallize your initiative into a sure winner.


Private Messaging

Parents and staff members can connect privately with our private messaging feature. This feature can be used to discuss is personal matters with the child or for the parents to connect to coordinate events and playdates. 


Emergency Notifications

Update your parents in real time in times of emergencies. This emergency notification board allows parents to not miss immediate important information when they miss phone calls or emails from you. 


External Forms*

Link to external forms, web pages and documents for your parents to easily access.  You can link PDF files, Google Docs, and JotForms. 

Piggy Bank


Let your parents pay through your portal by linking your current payment system.


Party Invites*

Give parents the ease of posting their party invites in one place. This eliminates the cost of printed flyers and having them get lost before they make it home to the other parents.

Illustrated Laptop

Website Access

We understand convenience is key and having access to your portal via the web is sometimes necessary when being time conscious

Team Building

Staff Board

Make necessary announcements to your staff in one place. No more missed emails!

Airmail Stamp

Contact US

The Contact US feature

enables you to provide important contact information to your parents such as hours of operation, instant directions, phone number, email, social links, and more.


Schedule Meetings

Simple scheduling. Say goodbye to email and phone tag for finding the perfect meeting time and schedule it conveniently through your portal with your parents. 



Let your parents and staff express themselves with a library of of GIFs and Emoji's. Say "good-bye" to boring messages!

Pencil and notepad

Free Business Listing*

Included with your Parent Portal subscription is a free business listing for new families to discover and learn about your business. You can learn more about Parent Playground business listings here

* = Parent Portal Exclusive Features

Benefits and Value that can't compare.

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