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What is Parent Portal?

Parent Portal is a platform that enables educators, childcare providers, and business owners who focus on families and children the ability to connect with parents in real-time. It is a personalized app that provides quick and easy access to information about your programs, services, updates, and builds a community with your parents.

Do I have to build my portal or write any codes?

No. Once you submit your portal request our team of experts will build your portal with you. 


How long does it take to build my portal? How much does it cost to build?

The time it takes to complete building your Parent Portal app depends on your business needs and will be discussed during your onboarding call. Typically, it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Our pricing for building your portal starts at $75. 

Your portal also comes with a 30 free trial while your staff and yourself gain hands-ons experience with the app features.


How long are the contracts?

Parent Portal is a monthly contract, and we do not offer any refunds once your portal is created. We want you and your parents to fully experience the benefits of your portal. Implementing a new system takes time to get used to, so during the first three months, we will work with you to adjust any features according to your business needs, wants, and parent feedback.

You can preview mock portals by downloading the Parent Playground App and finding them in the side menu under 'Parent Portal'.


Do I own my content?

By using Parent Portal, you retain ownership of all the content and materials that you submit. We do not claim any ownership or control over any of the content or materials that are uploaded to our platform.


How do my clients access my portal?

Once your client downloads the Free Parent Playground app, they can navigate to the Parent Portal homepage through the side menu. 

Download Links:  Google Play StoreApple Store


How secure is my portal and who can access it?

Parent Playground meets all safety and privacy requirements set by Apple and Google Play Stores. Your portal is secure and only accessible by your parents, ensuring exclusive access to your content.


If I cancel my portal account, will I lose my data?

As with many platforms, if you decide to cancel your Parent Portal account, your data will become inaccessible. However, before cancelling, you will have the opportunity to obtain any CSV files of your parent information.


How many users can I have in my portal?

No need to worry about limitations on the number of portal users. With Parent Portal, you can accommodate all of your parents and staff members as your business grows


What kind of support can I expect from Parent Portal?

Parent Portal provides email support Monday-Saturday. We also offer a knowledge base site with articles and videos to help you get the most out of your portal.


Can I restrict certain content or features to a specific group of users?

Yes, you can restrict access to certain content or features to specific groups of users, such as parents or staff members.

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