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Join Parent Playground, the all-in-one solution for bringing your parents and content together in one private community app. Say goodbye to scattered communication and hello to streamlined collaboration.

More Benefits. More Value. Less Work. 

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How it Works

Meet Parent Portal, all-in-one solution.

Streamline your communication and enhance your parents' experience with Parent Portal - the all-in-one solution that simplifies content delivery and keeps your parents connected. Our private social network, housed within the Parent Playground app, adds value to your business without adding extra work to your plate.


Unlock a wealth of features and benefits with Parent Portal, including access to local attractions, and relevant parent resources that are updated monthly in the Parent Playground app. Let's work together to make your parents' lives easier and give them something to brag about.

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 Valuable Information

Save Time

More Value

Secured Access

With the Parent Portal app, your parents can easily access information about your programs, services, and updates. Build a strong community with your parents through this online platform.

Small business, BIG benefits.

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Easy setup

Set up your Parent Portal hassle-free, with no coding required. Once it's up and running, you're good to go!

Our expert team will build your portal for you, so you can focus on what matters most - your business and your parents.

Stay Connected

Reach your parents instantly and never worry about lost emails again.

Push notifications

Private Messages

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Build Your Community

Building a community can have a significant impact on client retention. Research has shown that up to 80% of client retention is attributed to being part of a community. With Parent Portal, you can create a space where your parents can connect with one another, access important information, and feel like they are part of a larger community. This can lead to increased engagement, loyalty, and a positive reputation for your business.


Parent Feedback

Direct Messages

Parent Newsfeed


Experience the ultimate communication tool with Parent Portal - from push notifications to powerful features that make parent-provider collaboration a breeze.

Parent Portal offers a one-stop interaction with multiple features, giving your parents the experience they desire without the hefty cost of custom app development.

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Our Clients

Why companies like Parent Portal?

"This app makes it easier to set communication boundaries in place with my parents and also easily allow me and my staff to share photos with the parents throughout the day and avoid group messages."

Daycare Owner

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